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2D Animated Capstone Film

Screenwriter & Story Supervisor


After moving into a new house, Emmett Warren discovers a long-dead and forgotten writer’s sanctum in which he awakens the ghost of Graves, a spirit eager to showcase his worth as a classic Hollywood horror writer. Wanting to prove his horror screenwriting skills to the past, Emmett and the ghastly visage of Graves go head to head to haunt Damien, Emmett’s unsuspecting and steadfast husband. As both fail to scare the unshakable, the competition becomes collaboration and the target on Damien’s back grows ever larger.

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Poster by Jess Lane

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"Scream Writers" has been selected for official screening at both ImageOut: The Rochester LGBTQ+ Film Festival and OUR PRIDE Video Fest. The film won the Best Comedy Animation Award at OUR PRIDE.

"Scream Writers" can be screened virtually! Click here to watch!

As the Screenwriter and Story Supervisor for this short, I was tasked with working closely with the Director, Producer, and board team to ensure that the story being told was consistent and told the narrative I wanted, while also working with the Director's vision and input. I was also the original creator of the film, and worked to pitch and revise the concept multiple times to get it selected for pre-production.

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Scream Writers was selected for presentation in the OUR PRIDE Film Festival! 

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