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I write for both narrative audio and animation! Both varieties of script are showcased here.

| Road-Killed |
Episode 01 - Pilot

"Road-Killed" is a short audio drama series following Clancy, a small town sanitation worker who dies unexpectedly while on his shift. After his untimely demise, he joins possesed opossum Ralph on his quest for revival.


| Nellie & Pip: Purpose Pursuit |
E01 - Interview with a Robot

Innate journalistic curiosity leds thirteen-year-old Nellie Avelino to follow a strange noise into the woods. She discovers escapee robot Pip and the two begin a strange partnership; Nellie needs a strong story for her podcast project and Pip needs to find their purpose, so why not do both together?


| Channel Veil |
Episode 007:
A Haze of Heat and Harm

As the weather cools off around the station, the Channel Veil Investigation Team delves into a written statement sent in from an overbearingly hot day in August. Station Host Peyton also receives more correspondence from the science friends of the station... With unintended consequences


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